Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing him around to my way of thinking...

I am so excited!!! So the weekend of March 9th - 11th I traveled out of state to see extended family. I made sure I placed my Ruger appropriately in my car (prior to receiving my permit), and made sure my hubby knew I was taking it with me so he would not just assume it was missing if anything happened. He stopped what he was doing, looked at me and said, "so you are leaving me defenseless?!?!?!? Now we know how much you love me," with a grin. He then surprised me by saying, "I guess I will just have to get my own firearm." Now this is coming from a man that I just can not convince to go to the range with me. I got a little excited that perhaps he was actually considering getting a firearm. Then I brushed it off as a joke.

Now fast forward to this past Saturday night. Now keep in mind I have tried to not focus conversations so much on my excitement of getting my CWP, and joy of shooting so he does not decide I am totally nuts. I did decide to carry on our date Saturday night, though, and informed him of this. Then I started bragging on my new holsters that I had bought the day before. He started speaking of how he thought carrying in you purse is ridiculous and why. I realized though that he had obviously been listening when I was having my I love guns conversations. I advised him that my plan is to only carry in my purse when that is really my only option. I told him that I hope I had not driven him too nuts but that my days revolve around family and work, and I have truley found a hobby I love, not to mention it is a great stress reliever. My wonderful hubby stated that he was glad I had found something I enjoy. He stated he is totally supportive of my choice to carry, though it did take him a while to get there. He even stated that he may go out to the range with me sometime....Yay! Maybe I will bring him around to it one day.


  1. It takes time. But if he decides that he doesn't like it. Oh well. He is still a good guy, and I think it is great that he supports you. Some guys might take offense of a female "packin". I don't.

    I feel that all women should be armed.
    I'm liking your blog.

  2. Yes, I did get a wonderful hubby! Thanks for the compliment also!!!!

  3. If you get him to the range once, there will be no looking back. He'll be hooked.


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