Saturday, March 17, 2012

How did I forget?!?!?!?!

How did I forget in my post last night to share the biggest news of all? I can now legally carry! I received my concealed carry permit in the mail Tuesday night!!!! The first thing I did was review my state laws regarding carrying, it had been a while so a refresher was necessary. I was so excited. Since I work in a government building and my work agency policy says I can not carry while on the clock, I could not carry during the day Wednesday. I do not know how I stayed sane. Wednesday night though, I went to get my hair done and BAM, there was my opportunity to actually carry. I slowly approached the door and scanned for any bans on weapons, NONE....Yes. I slipped in, my hair was done and no one suspected a thing. : D Then Friday, I went out of town to shop with my mom (before target practice) and carried all day. Woop, woop, no one suspected a thing. Always check for "No Weapons signs" before entering any business. If there is one, and you really wanna carry, take your money else where.

While carrying Friday I did not have an in the waistband holster so I debated before leaving on how to carry. I have a Chick Holsters ankle holster, but really wanted it more accessible. I decided to try slipping it in my waist band, in my pocket holster by Concealment Specialties. I figured if it really moved around I could move it to my ankle. Let me tell you KUDOS to Concealment Specialties, it was made for a pocket, but never moved on my waist. I did go buy an Uncle Mikes in the waistband holster while I was out though, just for that extra security (clip on the side). I was so impressed with how my pocket holster did though, I bought a Concealment Specialties holster for in your purse. It clips to the inside so you do not loose your firearm. Now I do not intend to carry in purse often, but when I do I will be set. My next purchase....I hope will be a crossbreed holster. I hear great things about them.

Now as for my inability to carry in the government building in which I work. I have addressed that matter. I can still not carry during my work hours, but I addressed the issue with the appropriate person and can now carry in the building. I am in the building during crazy hours by myself and that is when I want to carry, when I am alone or should be anyway. Not when I am meeting with clients. Though our clients are getting more and more serious, I will respect the agency policies. Keeping it all legal!!!


  1. Take it from a guy that has carried most of his life...what those establishments with no gun signs don't know won't hurt them. It's your life you are protecting, the heck with their silly policies.

  2. Actually I kind of agree with you. I totally understand that the agency I work for does not want one of their workers over reacting and harming a client, but seriously, I feel like if I have done everything legally they should also respect that. I am often leaving this building well after normal people are in bed. It is located next to "the projects" so folks are often cutting across the parking lot, even the back lot that is for employees only. It can get very eerie at night....

  3. If they don't allow you to carry while at work, do they have lockers that you could use, to store your gun in while you work? And then you could have it at hand, so to speak, as you leave work.

  4. No lockers...I have the permission of the local sheriff to carry in the building, but since my agency uses the office I am supposed to get their permission also. I know they will say liability that way. Very frustrating....I currently leave it in my car and just hope if it is needed I can get to it. I KNOW! I KNOW, TERRIBLE PLAN THERE?