Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ammo needs.....

Well I have not been on in a has been crazy. I took the CWP 2 class and it was great. They focused on protection within the home and threw in some outside the home. There was so much to take in...shooting around corners in the home, my draw, moving while firing.....soooo much. After the class I had not had enough so I went out to the public range and just kept practicing. I have run into a disappointing obstacle though, getting ammunition. I live in a small town and the Walmart is always out of ammo. I drive 20 minutes to the next town and they are out. I drive another 25 minutes beyond that and it is also out. This is so frustrating! I think I may have to drive to yet another town and start stocking up, my hubby is going to think I am a nut. I wish I could get him interested in shooting.
My wonderful hubby took some time warming up to my bringing a firearm into the home. I married a man the total opposite of me, haha, which keeps things interesting. I was raised a real tomboy, strong minded (stubborn), camping, poor mom, though I think she is proud of me, I know she wishes I was more girlie. :D My honey is more an indoor guy, and he works in an office. He is in sales and I am a juvenile parole officer, so yeah, my TOTAL opposite, haha. He has been real good about it all though. I am going to keep working on him and one day maybe he will fall in love with to! Anyone else faced this? Anyone have any ideas for getting him interested?
Oh and for those wondering, juvenile officers in SC carry no weapons. A lot of folks assume we carry. So when I say I am new to firearms, I mean I am new to firearms! It is a good way to let go of stress though, haha.....


  1. Regarding ammo, one word: Cabelas

    I usually by a 1,000 rounds per weapoon , they have pretty good prices.

    Glad you're having a good time at the range, enjoy!


  2. I am taking an Inside The Home Defense class later this month. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Ammo is best bought in larger quantities and if you look for sales you can often get free or reduced shipping on line. As for the hubby, I would say just share with him your joy, try to get him to shoot once or twice and I would say it won't take him long to fall in love with the sport.

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    Dann in Ohio

    1. My situation was close to yours. When I meet my wife she was of the "melt down all the guns" school of thought. A couple years of answering questions and gently pointing out that you can't pass laws that make people become good, and she now has her own guns and enjoys shooting them. She still can't see why anybody "needs" a rifle like an AR-15, but I can be patient.

      Ammo? Online can work well, as can gun shows. Stay away from the fly by night dealers that sell super cheap reloads, they are often out of business in a year or two, and with good reason. I buy a fair amount from Georgia Arms, but there are many good options out there.