Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Practice makes.....better....

I am not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow....I need more time off. The question is what would I do with the extra time? Family time and target practice of course. Actually I may have to check the checking acct. to see if I can afford the ammo for practice...ugh....expensive hobby.
Well yesterday I went to the firing range with my mom-n-law. We had an awesome time and now she wants to turn in her Smith & Wesson 642 for a Ruger LCR like mine. I so saw that coming! ; ) After only 20 to 30 rounds she had a bruise, an actual bruise on her thumb joint. One of the guys at the range suggested she get the trigger pull adjusted and I suggested she look for a more comfortable grip, I have noticed her grip is a hard plastic where my Ruger has a more cushioned, rubbery grip. She also has a laser grip. I am hoping that someone out there will accidentally come across my blog and can suggest some good grips for her gun.
As for my shooting yesterday, over the last several weeks my shots have been going to the left on the target. Well I worked on my breathing and focusing on the front sight. Unbelievably I greatly improved and started getting my clusters much closer and at the center. YAY! I will of course continue to work on this, I also need to work on keeping both eyes open...ugh...that is a pain, but I will get it done! I am super excited that I am going to get to take the CWP2 class this Saturday. There is still so much to learn as a beginner, but this is so much fun!


  1. So how goes the practice? Any particular thing you're working on? What drills are you using? Just curious, I always see a new shooter come onboard!

  2. Hi! Practice is great, just enjoying every minute of it and waiting for a CWP 3 class to get scheduled. I am concentrating more on making my clusters smaller, trying to keep both my eyes open, and still trying to not have my shots always go to the left. I will get there though.
    I am not sure what you mean by drills...sorry...I am still learning all the lingo, hahahahaha....

  3. Are you left handed or right handed? When I use to shoot. if I pulled to hard on the trigger, or pulled the wrong way. My shots would be off to one side also. Just a thought.

  4. Also, have someone look at your grip and really inspect it. When they adjust it, really pay attention to all of the places your fingers and hands are at. You should practice the grip at home with a safe gun. When you push the gun from your chest to a full extension, the proper grip should cause the sights to be on target. I was pushing left on the draw and some follow up shots. I rotated my left hand forward more and rested my left thumb on the frame below the slide (pointed toward the target) and got instantly better results. Your results may vary. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance and other disclaimers. :)

  5. @Flier389...I am right handed thanks for the suggestion. I will look at how hard I am pulling. Paying attention to my breathing has really helped me to improve so all the pointers put together should make me a great shot!!!
    @45er..my grip has always bugged me. By that I mean that it is comfortable for me, but I have never really gotten my instructors to look too closely at it. I always stay quiet (my dad laughs at that statement, "you quiet....") and just try to listen closely. I am lucky to go to church with an NRA instructor. I am always worried about driving him nuts picking his brain. I will make sure and get with him for a final look at my grip.
    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!!! I am loving all the support I have found on this sight.

  6. What Flier389 said has been true for me as well. Right handed people jerk the point toward the left if they are not pulling back toward the grip. It is probably a little more likely with a double action (harder pull) than a single action.