Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New here!

     I suppose I should open by saying, "HI!"  I have never had a blog before.  I am going to hope that I figure this out as I go, perhaps I will make some friends on here, who can help me out and guide me along the way.  I should also warn you I was not an English major, so just be forwarned, mistakes will happen (run on sentences, misplaced commas, etc).  I will probably post some about my newest adventure and that is practicing with my Ruger LCR.  I am waiting for my Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) to arrive, but in the mean time I am practicing as much as I can.  I do not want to be one of those who does the bare minimum, gets my permit and then does not know how to handle a situation.  I plan to be educated, trained and responsible.
     I was one of those who grew up with guns in the home but never really showed an interest in them.  My dad had them and showed us at a young age the damage they could do, so we knew they were not toys.  I had thought over the years I may want one in the home, but never really acted on it.  Sometimes it takes feeling you may be or actually being in danger to change your mind. 
     I decided in late 2011 that I needed my CWP.  I became treasurer for an organization, yet another adventure for me, as I have never been a treasurer...but I digress.  Anyway, a man had written a check to this organization under questionable means and when he realized I was not going to go along with his little scheme (I don't care to go to jail) he started calling me wanting me to meet him THAT NIGHT, to return this check.  I was working late so I advised him that was not possible.  My husband was home with my son and I did not care to meet this stranger by myself at night or to put my son in a possibly dangerous situation by calling out my husband.  I mean really what man thinks a woman is going to meet him late at night, under such shady circumstances, by herself?  He must have thought I was born yesterday, or had a death wish.  Would he have let his wife meet a strange man late at night?  Well this guy did not give up, and just kept calling.  Luckily for me I work with troubleed youth in my county so I was able to call a friend of mine who works for the sheriff's office and he agreed to go with me to meet this guy.  However, I had to set up the meeting and wait until my friend was between calls.  In the mean time this stranger knew where my office was, so upon my return to the office my nerves really kicked in.  What if he was waiting for me?  What if he showed up as I was walking to my car?  All kinds of bad scenarios popped in my head.  So I got out of my office as quickly as I could and went to the the local sheriff's office.  I then called my friend who said he was on his way to meet me and to go ahead and have this stranger head to the sheriff's office to meet me.  At this point I wanted this guy to pee his pants when he saw me walk out with an officer as back up.  How dare he put me in this position!!!  So I called the guy and he headed our way, not knowing an officer would be present.  Oh and in the mean time another deputy I knew showed up, so now I had 2 to protect me.  Let me tell you, when those officers and I walked around the corner of that building to meet that guy he turned white as a ghost.  I think, he thought he was going to jail that night.  Anyway, after some attitude from him regarding how the officers were not necessary, and this check was legit, blah, blah, blah, the check was returned he left and I safely returned home. 
     Now there are many more details to this that I will not go into, but lets just say it put things in perspective for me.  I have always been the tough woman that no one would take down.  I work with troubled youth, who sometimes can be dangerous.  I do not like feeling the way I did that night, and wondered what may have happened if he had shown up at my office.  What if I did not have the relationship with law enforcement that I do, you know most people can not just call an officer and say hey I don't feel safe can you accompany me to this meeting and it get pulled together so quickly?  I decided I was going to do something about it.  I have a family that I will protect.  I took a CWP course, I bought my Ruger, and I am practicing.  Now I am not so messed up as to think this gun is going to save my life.  I have to know how to use this gun properly and safely, and in multiple scenarios for it to help save my life.  I say help, because ultimately I control this firearm, me.  I do love practicing, I love the challenge and the satisfaction of hitting the target.  I hope that I never have to use it, but if I do, I plan to be prepared.


  1. Hey!! Welcoming to blogging!! Scary story. Glad you made it out without getting Hirt and I am really glad you are gun totin' woman!

  2. Welcome! I added you to the Gun Blog Black List to help others find your blog.

  3. Just found your blog. I like it.
    I feel that ALL women should be armed.