Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Unpredictable Day at the Range...

So today I finally got to hit the range again, YaY!!!! There are 2 (though I am told there are others, I have not found them) ranges in my home town now, and both are outdoor. The old range is always full, it is truley unbelievable how busy it is. So I decided to check out the new range. When I pulled up, it was deserted. Now I have a theory on why this is, everyone is unaware of its existence since it is sooooo.... far out. We are talking out in the boonies. Well I was thrilled because a deserted range means I can get creative with my practice. I could not get any of my friends to go out there with me so I had no audience at all. Now as excited as I was, I also never go to the range by myself. I mean around here it is still usually all men when I go out there, and though everyone I have met at the range is great, you just never know. I set up and practice began. It was going well...I practiced my draw, firing with my weak hand, I could go down range whenever I wanted. LOVED IT!

After about 20 minutes I heard a couple of motorcycles pull in, the problem, they stopped right at the entrance and just sat watching. I was wondering were they just planning on where to ride next, checking out the new range or checking me out? I debated do I leave or keep practicing? I decided to play it cool and keep an eye on them. I have a 5 shot and there are 2 of them...hmmmm.... I continued practice and when emptied I immediately reloaded QUICKLY, constantly watching them. After about 10 uneasy minutes of this 2 elderly gentlemen pulled in, and the 2 guys on the motorcycles....immediately left. Creepy right. When the gentlemen got out I recognized one, I graduated from HS with his son. I immediately thanked these gentlemen for pulling in when they did. They both stated they were wondering as they were driving up why the guys were sitting there and noticed how quickly the men left upon their own arrival. Now these gentlemen were more than guardian angels, they were just sooooo.... much fun!

If you don't know yet, I am a Ruger girl. That is not to say I have shot a lot of other firearms, but of the ones I have there is just something about a Ruger's trigger pull. I have recently decided that though I love my little revolver, I want a semi auto also. Now being a Ruger girl I have been debating between the LCP (small 380) and the LC-9 (bigger and 9mm). These guys were big Smith and Wesson fans, or at least that is all they had. All of a sudden they were both over in my stall laying out their guns. They had a S&W MP 9 mm as well as an older S&W Revolver (larger than my revolver) that would fire 38s and 357, as well as a 22 Rifle. They were laying them out in my stall because they wanted me to fire them. Can you say heaven?!?! I got to fire my dad's S&W 380 a few weeks ago and now I was going to get to try out a 9mm. You know how they say good things come to those who wait? Well first he set me up with the 357, which I have never fired. I did okay, but not great with that...maybe with practice... Then he had me try out the rifle, not bad. Last but not least he handed me the 9mm and laid out 3 full mags for me to have a big time with. These guys were unbelievable! That 9mm was so much fun and let me tell you, after about 3 shots, this girl was hitting that bullseye. I even hit the bullseye firing with one weak hand! Now on that note I still want to try out the LC-9 and LCP, I can not turn my back on Ruger. If I do not like them though, I may turn into a multi manufacturer girl. Anyone have any opinions, anything I should know about the LCP and LC-9? Now obviously I liked the S&W MP 9mm, is there any other 9mm or 380 firearms I should consider? Which do you guys recommend 9mm or 380?

To end the day at the range one of my buddies, a local deputy, saw me out there and stopped by. He teaches self defense and he showed me a few moves. I am going to have to sign up for some classes. I think I am going to become a lethal weapon! hahahahahaha.......

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gotta save this Ruger from ruin!!!! HELP!!!!!

Hi everyone!!! Okay I want some opinions here. I know we have some guys and gals out there who can give me guidance. My dad has an absolutely beautiful Ruger Security Six Revolver from the early 1970's. I absolutely love this firearm!!! A few months ago we were firing some reloads. The very last shot fired that day, no not because of what happens, but because it was the last round we luck kicks in. My dad hands me the Security Six and tells me to fire the last one, I aim pull the trigger, there is a barely audible bang and nothing. I hand it over to my dad and he confirms, the reload was bad. The bullet is stuck in the barrel. My dad manages to get it out, but unfortunately it mushroomed some in the barrell and leaves some in there. We are also concerned about the possibility the rifling could be damaged. I took it to a friend of mine that gunsmiths for a hobby. He gets most of the rest out, but feels it should be taken to a real gunsmith. Now we are fine with this.

I call a local gunsmith, I describe it to him over the phone. He suggests a new barrel from Ruger. I advised him we have already contacted Ruger and they do not have barrels for the Security Six anymore. Without even looking at the firearm he states he does not think he can help.

Now anyone who has shot one of these knows what a treat it is. I need someone to tell me....was this guy just blowing me off or is this really a lost cause?!?!?!?! I refuse to let such a beautiful thing not be saved. Any suggestions???

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing him around to my way of thinking...

I am so excited!!! So the weekend of March 9th - 11th I traveled out of state to see extended family. I made sure I placed my Ruger appropriately in my car (prior to receiving my permit), and made sure my hubby knew I was taking it with me so he would not just assume it was missing if anything happened. He stopped what he was doing, looked at me and said, "so you are leaving me defenseless?!?!?!? Now we know how much you love me," with a grin. He then surprised me by saying, "I guess I will just have to get my own firearm." Now this is coming from a man that I just can not convince to go to the range with me. I got a little excited that perhaps he was actually considering getting a firearm. Then I brushed it off as a joke.

Now fast forward to this past Saturday night. Now keep in mind I have tried to not focus conversations so much on my excitement of getting my CWP, and joy of shooting so he does not decide I am totally nuts. I did decide to carry on our date Saturday night, though, and informed him of this. Then I started bragging on my new holsters that I had bought the day before. He started speaking of how he thought carrying in you purse is ridiculous and why. I realized though that he had obviously been listening when I was having my I love guns conversations. I advised him that my plan is to only carry in my purse when that is really my only option. I told him that I hope I had not driven him too nuts but that my days revolve around family and work, and I have truley found a hobby I love, not to mention it is a great stress reliever. My wonderful hubby stated that he was glad I had found something I enjoy. He stated he is totally supportive of my choice to carry, though it did take him a while to get there. He even stated that he may go out to the range with me sometime....Yay! Maybe I will bring him around to it one day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

How did I forget?!?!?!?!

How did I forget in my post last night to share the biggest news of all? I can now legally carry! I received my concealed carry permit in the mail Tuesday night!!!! The first thing I did was review my state laws regarding carrying, it had been a while so a refresher was necessary. I was so excited. Since I work in a government building and my work agency policy says I can not carry while on the clock, I could not carry during the day Wednesday. I do not know how I stayed sane. Wednesday night though, I went to get my hair done and BAM, there was my opportunity to actually carry. I slowly approached the door and scanned for any bans on weapons, NONE....Yes. I slipped in, my hair was done and no one suspected a thing. : D Then Friday, I went out of town to shop with my mom (before target practice) and carried all day. Woop, woop, no one suspected a thing. Always check for "No Weapons signs" before entering any business. If there is one, and you really wanna carry, take your money else where.

While carrying Friday I did not have an in the waistband holster so I debated before leaving on how to carry. I have a Chick Holsters ankle holster, but really wanted it more accessible. I decided to try slipping it in my waist band, in my pocket holster by Concealment Specialties. I figured if it really moved around I could move it to my ankle. Let me tell you KUDOS to Concealment Specialties, it was made for a pocket, but never moved on my waist. I did go buy an Uncle Mikes in the waistband holster while I was out though, just for that extra security (clip on the side). I was so impressed with how my pocket holster did though, I bought a Concealment Specialties holster for in your purse. It clips to the inside so you do not loose your firearm. Now I do not intend to carry in purse often, but when I do I will be set. My next purchase....I hope will be a crossbreed holster. I hear great things about them.

Now as for my inability to carry in the government building in which I work. I have addressed that matter. I can still not carry during my work hours, but I addressed the issue with the appropriate person and can now carry in the building. I am in the building during crazy hours by myself and that is when I want to carry, when I am alone or should be anyway. Not when I am meeting with clients. Though our clients are getting more and more serious, I will respect the agency policies. Keeping it all legal!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The family that shoots together...stays together

I'm back!!! I have been running crazy. I have, at least for now, solved my ammunition problem. I found some at a local store a few weeks ago and bought them out. :D I do, sincerely, feel sorrow for anyone that went looking for some after me. I was just going nuts so now I have a stock pile. My hubby looked at me like he was questioning my sanity when I brought home so much, haha.

Then to my surprise a few weeks ago, both of my folks got a new firearm. My mom's first. She sounded sooo.... excited when telling me about it, though if you ask her, she was just excited because she knew I would be. Moms are soooo... cute. Mom got a 38 revolver and my dad got a 380 semi-auto. Now I just have to get my hubby interested so I can enjoy my past time with him also.

So today was my first day at the range in 2 months...lack of ammo remember. My folks joined me. It was so great, I use it as a stress release and it works really well. I was glad to see my lack of practice did not necessarily make me a better shot, but it also did not get worse. Back to practicing. My mom took her first shots, I must say that she needs to speed up her shots, but I would still not want to run into her in a dark alley. Mom is a pretty good shot, must be a natural. My dad is going to have to get used to his new semi also. The exciting part was that I got to take a few shots with my dad's 380 myself. I must say I am now so wanting a semi auto of my own. Now do not get me wrong, I still love my revolver, but variety sure can keep things interesting. Now how do I break it to my hubby, who has stated before is already questioning my sanity, that I want another firearm? Hahaha.... This may get interesting...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ammo needs.....

Well I have not been on in a has been crazy. I took the CWP 2 class and it was great. They focused on protection within the home and threw in some outside the home. There was so much to take in...shooting around corners in the home, my draw, moving while firing.....soooo much. After the class I had not had enough so I went out to the public range and just kept practicing. I have run into a disappointing obstacle though, getting ammunition. I live in a small town and the Walmart is always out of ammo. I drive 20 minutes to the next town and they are out. I drive another 25 minutes beyond that and it is also out. This is so frustrating! I think I may have to drive to yet another town and start stocking up, my hubby is going to think I am a nut. I wish I could get him interested in shooting.
My wonderful hubby took some time warming up to my bringing a firearm into the home. I married a man the total opposite of me, haha, which keeps things interesting. I was raised a real tomboy, strong minded (stubborn), camping, poor mom, though I think she is proud of me, I know she wishes I was more girlie. :D My honey is more an indoor guy, and he works in an office. He is in sales and I am a juvenile parole officer, so yeah, my TOTAL opposite, haha. He has been real good about it all though. I am going to keep working on him and one day maybe he will fall in love with to! Anyone else faced this? Anyone have any ideas for getting him interested?
Oh and for those wondering, juvenile officers in SC carry no weapons. A lot of folks assume we carry. So when I say I am new to firearms, I mean I am new to firearms! It is a good way to let go of stress though, haha.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Practice makes.....better....

I am not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow....I need more time off. The question is what would I do with the extra time? Family time and target practice of course. Actually I may have to check the checking acct. to see if I can afford the ammo for practice...ugh....expensive hobby.
Well yesterday I went to the firing range with my mom-n-law. We had an awesome time and now she wants to turn in her Smith & Wesson 642 for a Ruger LCR like mine. I so saw that coming! ; ) After only 20 to 30 rounds she had a bruise, an actual bruise on her thumb joint. One of the guys at the range suggested she get the trigger pull adjusted and I suggested she look for a more comfortable grip, I have noticed her grip is a hard plastic where my Ruger has a more cushioned, rubbery grip. She also has a laser grip. I am hoping that someone out there will accidentally come across my blog and can suggest some good grips for her gun.
As for my shooting yesterday, over the last several weeks my shots have been going to the left on the target. Well I worked on my breathing and focusing on the front sight. Unbelievably I greatly improved and started getting my clusters much closer and at the center. YAY! I will of course continue to work on this, I also need to work on keeping both eyes open...ugh...that is a pain, but I will get it done! I am super excited that I am going to get to take the CWP2 class this Saturday. There is still so much to learn as a beginner, but this is so much fun!