Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Unpredictable Day at the Range...

So today I finally got to hit the range again, YaY!!!! There are 2 (though I am told there are others, I have not found them) ranges in my home town now, and both are outdoor. The old range is always full, it is truley unbelievable how busy it is. So I decided to check out the new range. When I pulled up, it was deserted. Now I have a theory on why this is, everyone is unaware of its existence since it is sooooo.... far out. We are talking out in the boonies. Well I was thrilled because a deserted range means I can get creative with my practice. I could not get any of my friends to go out there with me so I had no audience at all. Now as excited as I was, I also never go to the range by myself. I mean around here it is still usually all men when I go out there, and though everyone I have met at the range is great, you just never know. I set up and practice began. It was going well...I practiced my draw, firing with my weak hand, I could go down range whenever I wanted. LOVED IT!

After about 20 minutes I heard a couple of motorcycles pull in, the problem, they stopped right at the entrance and just sat watching. I was wondering were they just planning on where to ride next, checking out the new range or checking me out? I debated do I leave or keep practicing? I decided to play it cool and keep an eye on them. I have a 5 shot and there are 2 of them...hmmmm.... I continued practice and when emptied I immediately reloaded QUICKLY, constantly watching them. After about 10 uneasy minutes of this 2 elderly gentlemen pulled in, and the 2 guys on the motorcycles....immediately left. Creepy right. When the gentlemen got out I recognized one, I graduated from HS with his son. I immediately thanked these gentlemen for pulling in when they did. They both stated they were wondering as they were driving up why the guys were sitting there and noticed how quickly the men left upon their own arrival. Now these gentlemen were more than guardian angels, they were just sooooo.... much fun!

If you don't know yet, I am a Ruger girl. That is not to say I have shot a lot of other firearms, but of the ones I have there is just something about a Ruger's trigger pull. I have recently decided that though I love my little revolver, I want a semi auto also. Now being a Ruger girl I have been debating between the LCP (small 380) and the LC-9 (bigger and 9mm). These guys were big Smith and Wesson fans, or at least that is all they had. All of a sudden they were both over in my stall laying out their guns. They had a S&W MP 9 mm as well as an older S&W Revolver (larger than my revolver) that would fire 38s and 357, as well as a 22 Rifle. They were laying them out in my stall because they wanted me to fire them. Can you say heaven?!?! I got to fire my dad's S&W 380 a few weeks ago and now I was going to get to try out a 9mm. You know how they say good things come to those who wait? Well first he set me up with the 357, which I have never fired. I did okay, but not great with that...maybe with practice... Then he had me try out the rifle, not bad. Last but not least he handed me the 9mm and laid out 3 full mags for me to have a big time with. These guys were unbelievable! That 9mm was so much fun and let me tell you, after about 3 shots, this girl was hitting that bullseye. I even hit the bullseye firing with one weak hand! Now on that note I still want to try out the LC-9 and LCP, I can not turn my back on Ruger. If I do not like them though, I may turn into a multi manufacturer girl. Anyone have any opinions, anything I should know about the LCP and LC-9? Now obviously I liked the S&W MP 9mm, is there any other 9mm or 380 firearms I should consider? Which do you guys recommend 9mm or 380?

To end the day at the range one of my buddies, a local deputy, saw me out there and stopped by. He teaches self defense and he showed me a few moves. I am going to have to sign up for some classes. I think I am going to become a lethal weapon! hahahahahaha.......


  1. Hey there. I have carried the LC9 for the past year. Honesty, I have nothing bad to say at all. I like it's size, has very crisp sights, fits my hand well, is easily concealed and can pack 7 +1. The trigger pull is long, you simply have to train for it. My carry weapon prior to that was a Glock 36. I did a video review of the LC9 about a year ago. Go to youtube, look for "eiaft" and you should see my review. It is also linked off my website as well -, under "Reviews". I do not believe you would be disappointed in the LC9 at all.


  2. Sounds like an awesome day!!! Glad you stayed safe and glad you had so much fun.

  3. Sounds like so much fun. I'm glad you got to meet some people and play with some new toys.

  4. Sounds like a good time! As far as the .380 vs 9 mm goes, my opinion is to go with the 9 if you can. Both the LCP and LC-9 are great pistols. I have drunk the Kool-Aid though and mostly carry an M&P in 9 now.

  5. Thanks everyone, I did have a blast! I think that I will go rent a M&P, LC9, and LCP. That way I can try them out back to back. I think I am leaning toward the 9mm also, thanks guys, oh and A Girl I noticed that is what you carry. I am so excited, now I just have to get the funds together. Of course my hubby recently advised me we probably need a new roof, so it may take a little longer than originally planned. Sometimes I hate being a responsible adult. Hahaha........

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